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7063 1869d 17h myou72 /trunk/blfs/traduc/po/general/genlib/ le debut des .po ;o)  
7062 1869d 17h myou72 /trunk/blfs/traduc/po/ le debut des .po ;o)  
7059 1881d 20h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ [BLFS-EN] MAJ ROBOT  
7057 1884d 03h myou72 /trunk/blfs/  
7055 1886d 19h myou72 /trunk/blfs/networking/netlibs/ reformulation phrase dans libsoup. Merci Julien  
7054 1886d 19h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ correction relecture Alexandre. Merci  
7053 1886d 19h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ correction suite a remarques de Julien. Merci  
7052 1887d 02h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ ->r16945  
7048 1888d 22h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ [BLFS-EN] MAJ ROBOT  
7047 1894d 03h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ ->16918  
7046 1895d 04h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ [BLFS-EN] MAJ ROBOT  
7044 1897d 02h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ -> 16900  
7043 1898d 02h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ -> 16889  
7042 1898d 17h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ [BLFS-EN] MAJ ROBOT  
7040 1907d 02h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ ->r16842  
7039 1908d 02h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ [BLFS-EN] MAJ ROBOT  
7038 1915d 03h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ ->16814  
7037 1916d 03h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ [BLFS-EN] MAJ ROBOT  
7036 1920d 04h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ [BLFS-EN] MAJ ROBOT  
7035 1921d 02h myou72 /trunk/blfs/ ->16782  

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