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2011-08-16      Robert Connolly <>
   * lfs/init.d/random: New file, from BLFS. Save and use random seed with
2010-05-29      Matt Burgess <>
   * lfs/init.d/udev: Only copy /lib/udev/devices/null, as Udev >= 155 copies
     devices from /lib/udev/devices to /dev itself.  Udevd still needs /dev/null
     present before starting up though.

2010-04-20      Bryan Kadzban <>
   * lfs/init.d/udev, lfs/init.d/udev_retry: Add --action=add, to handle udev
   version 152 and newer, which send "change" events by default in udevtrigger

2010-01-24  Matthew Burgess <>
   * lfs/init.d/udev: Check to see if /dev is already mounted, as it may be if
     under an initramfs environment.  See ticket #2550.

2009-08-14  Bryan Kadzban <>
   * lfs/init.d/udev_retry: Use "udevadm trigger --type=failed", which
     apparently replaced "--retry-failed" some time ago.  "--retry-failed" is
     removed in udev-146.

2009-01-02  Bruce Dubbs <>
   * lfs/init.d/functions:
   * lfs/sysconfig/network-devices/ifup: 
     Updated line widths to accomodate pdf generation in both the above 

2008-10-27  DJ Lucas <>
   * lfs/init.d/cleanfs: Removed '! -newer /proc' from find commands in
     check for stale files in /var/lock and /var/run.
   * Makefile: Reversed cleanfs and udev_retry scripts so that cleanfs
     runs immediately after mountfs.

2008-10-26  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * lfs/init.d/functions: Remove stale pid files when encountered
     in loadproc/killproc/reloadproc. When the bootscript specifies
     a pid file to use with the "-p pidfile" argument, *proc
     functions previously bailed out when the referenced file
     contains an invalid pid.

2008-10-23  DJ Lucas <>
   * lfs/init.d/console: Removed BROKEN_COMPOSE as kernel patch has
     been accepted upstream.

2008-05-21  Bryan Kadzban  <>
   * lfs/init.d/udev, lfs/init.d/udev_retry: Use new udevadm program.

2007-08-20  DJ Lucas <>
   * lfs/init.d/setclock: Added missing 'stop' argument to usage text

2007-08-13  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * lfs/init.d/checkfs: Don't suppress error messages from the screen.

2007-07-18  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * Makefile, lfs/init.d/consolelog: New bootscript controlling the
     kernel log level on the console. This is controlled by the LOGLEVEL
     variable in /etc/sysconfig/console.
   * lfs/init.d/modules: Remove the log level handling since this is
     done in the consolelog script now.
   * lfs/init.d/modules: Clean up the script by removing the file
     descriptor duplication and instead just redirecting
     /etc/sysconfig/modules to the input of the while loop.

2007-06-16  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * lfs/init.d/mountfs, lfs/init.d/mountkernfs, lfs/init.d/setclock,
     lfs/init.d/modules, lfs/sysconfig/network-devices/if{up,down}:
     Don't suppress stderr during bootscripts unless necessary. This
     would prevent potentially critical messages from reaching the screen.

2007-04-24  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * lfs/init.d/functions: When killproc is executed, it checks that
     the process is still running, sleeps if it is, then checks again.
     The sleep is 1 second in between checks. By sleeping for 0.1 seconds
     in between checks, killproc is much faster as it's wasting much
     less time sleeping in the normal case that the process has died
     after a short delay.

2007-04-16  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * lfs/init.d/functions: Redirect stderr when using kill to suppress
   * lfs/init.d/functions: killproc() was not handling the case where a
     pidfile is passed to the function. The logic with the signal to be
     used was causing issues with the handling of pidfiles. This has been
     fixes, and now killproc() will recheck the process if the signal
     was TERM (the default) or KILL.
   * lfs/init.d/functions: statusproc() has been changed to use pidofproc()
     instead of the deprecated getpids(). Additionally, it now accepts
     the -p argument to specify a pidfile.
   * lfs/init.d/functions: Currently, statusproc() always returns
     successfully, and the only way to know if the process is running
     is to parse the output. This changes statusproc() to return the
     status of pidofproc(), which will return unsuccessfully if the
     requested process is not running.
   * lfs/init.d/functions: Changed reloadproc() to use pidofproc() and
     respect the -p argument for pidfiles.
   * lfs/init.d/sysklogd: Remove a useless argument to reloadproc().

2007-03-13  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * lfs/init.d/functions: If pidofproc() is passed the -p argument
     it can bomb testing a null variable with an integer expression.

2007-02-22  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * lfs/init.d/mountfs, lfs/init.d/console, lfs/init.d/setclock,
     lfs/init.d/mountkernfs: &> redirection is not supported in POSIX.
     Fortunately, it's equivalent to >word 2>&1 according to bash(1).

2007-02-22  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * lfs/init.d/console: POSIX says that shells only need to trap on
     signals. Trapping on ERR isn't always supported. Conditionals have
     been added to set the $failed variable in spots that seemed
     appropriate for checking errors.

2007-02-22  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * lfs/init.d/functions: Use arithmetic expansion and string length,
     which are both mandated by POSIX, rather than spawning two processes
     every time boot_mesg() is called.

2007-02-22  Dan Nicholson  <>
   * lfs/init.d/functions: In order to provide an `echo' which provides
     handles the -e and -n options for all POSIX shells, a feature test
     is added which stores its result in $ECHO. /bin/echo will be used
     if the default echo is not capable. Changed the existing functions
     to reference $ECHO when needed.
   * lfs/init.d/console: Use $ECHO when -en is needed.

2007-02-03  Bryan Kadzban  <>
   * ChangeLog: Rename from CHANGELOG, start using GNU style entries.

   * Makefile: Move setclock before checkfs.  Fixes #1948.

2006-11-25  Bryan Kadzban  <>
   * lfs/init.d/udev_retry: Copy Debian's "copy generated rules" initscript
     code, to clean up when the rule_generator scripts run before / is
     writable.  (Since the rule_generator code is from Debian, I assume their
     cleanup code is appropriate.)

2006-10-15  Bryan Kadzban  <>
   * lfs/init.d/udev_retry: Fix to work with udev >= 099.

n/a - June 2, 2006
   * Removed console config file and makefile targets.
   * Removed references to /dev/bug and bugreport in udevand 
     udev_retry bootscripts. (DJ Lucas)

n/a - April 17, 2006
   * Updated udev script to use the new udevsettle program.
   * Added udev_retry script for systems that have /usr on a different
     partition or for some other reason fail the initial replay. (Archaic)

n/a - April 15, 2006
   * Cleaned up contrib directory.  Removed: contrib/init.d, 
     contrib/enhanced, contrib/livecd, contrib/hotplug, and raq2 
     patch. (DJ Lucas)

n/a - April 14, 2006
   * Merged changes from udev_update branch (DJ Lucas)
   * Replaced a return with an exit and reversed comment changes in 
     udev bootscript. (Dan Nicholson)
   * Replaced walk_sysfs function in udev bootscript with new udevtrigger
     program and move wait_for_uevents function inline. (DJ Lucas)
   * Removed extra evaluate_retval in udev bootscript. (Ken Moffat)
   * Wait for uevents to be processed in the udev script.  See ticket
     #1720 for details. (Matthew Burgess)

n/a - March 21, 2006
   * Removed old references to boot_log function and arguments passed
     to boot_mesg_flush in echo_* functions. (DJ Lucas)

n/a - March 10, 2006
   * Moved src argument to ipv4-static-route service script and 
     removed from ipv4-static service script. (DJ Lucas)

n/a - March 8. 2006
   * Correct sourced path in checkfs script. (Matthew Burgess)

n/a - December 31, 2005
   * Replaced /etc/rc.d with ${rc_base} in checkfs. (Vincent Fretin)

n/a - December 24, 2005
   * Added UTF-8 support to console script. (Alexander E. Patrakov)

n/a - September 11, 2005
   * Removed text wraping and boot logging.
   * Changed killproc to use warning if not running
   * Changed 'print_status warning' to use old style output
   * Fixed display error with LSB init-functions script
   * Made above killproc/print_status changes in enhanced
   * Made logger service configurable in enhanced 
     bootscripts. (DJ Lucas)

n/a - August 14, 2005
   * Added -s flag to pidofproc() for backwards 
     compatibility (DJ Lucas)
   * Fixed erronous values returned by pidofproc() which 
     broke the functionality of statusproc (DJ Lucas)

n/a - July 1, 2005
   * Changed a == to a = in lfs/init.d/functions, in the boot_mesg
     function for ash compliancy (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - June 26, 2005
   * Removed consolelog script from contrib 
   * Updated interactive rc script in contrib and added 
     README.rc-Interactive, added install target to the
     Makefile. (DJ Lucas)

3.2.2 - May 29, 2005
   * Tagged as 3.2.2 (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - May 26, 2005
   * Added minimal target for cross-lfs book (Jim Gifford)
   * Fixed raq2 patch (Jim Gifford)

3.2.1 - May 1, 2005
   * Tagged as 3.2.1 (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - April 17, 2005
   * removed touch from hotplug bootscript (Matthew Burgess)
   * moved commands around in localnet bootscript (Andrew Benton)

3.2.0 - March 30, 2005
   * Changed from syslog-ng to sysklogd (Archaic)
   * Temporairly changed loadproc to return 0 if the program is
     already running (Nathan Coulson)
   * Fixed (by reverting) ifup/ifdown/network (Nathan Coulson),
     Reported by Jim Gifford
   * Fixed network up/down along with adding support of ONHOTPLUG
   * Tagged as 3.2.0

n/a - March 19, 2005
   * Updated RaQ2 patch (Jim Gifford)
   * Added net.agent for Hotplug of Network adapters in contrib
     (Jim Gifford)

n/a - March 16, 2005
   * Reverted the change from loadproc to start_daemon,
     Moved compatibility code into one single function.
     (Nathan Coulson)
   * Readded the ONHOTPLUG option for ifup/ifdown (Nathan Coulson)
   * Fixed killproc's output

n/a - March 01, 2005
   * Added CHECK_LINK variable in ifconfig.*/*, so if the
     interface does not exist, it will not fail.
     (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - February 19, 2005
   * Added evaluate_retval to the end of loadproc and killproc.
     lsb does not say that killproc should print [  OK  ],
     but required for compatibility.  (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - February 9, 2005
   * Accidently mounted /dev with 775 instead of 755, fixed
     (Reported by Alexander E. Patrakov)

n/a - February 9, 2005
   * Bugfix for /dev, now mounted with 755 permission

n/a - February 8, 2005
   * changed pidof, so it doesnt check the process id
     of running bootscripts, and to process shell scripts
     (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - February 6, 2005
   * Updated main functions file with lsb functions file
     Should now be LSB compliant (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - January 10, 2005
   * Moved ONBOOT check back to network (Nathan Coulson)
   * Removed ONHOTPLUG check (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - January 6, 2005
   * fixed mountkernfs output (Nathan Coulson)
   * reverted mountfs fakemounting (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - January 5, 2005
   * Attempted to simplify network bootup files (Nathan Coulson)
   * Modified mountkernfs to use mountpoint (Nathan Coulson)
   * Assuming sysfs is always mounted (Nathan Coulson)
   * Moved fakemount to below mounting (Nathan Coulson)
   * Removed -t noramfs from umount, as we now use tmpfs (Nathan Coulson)
   * moved sysctl from mountkernfs to sysctl (Nathan Coulson)
   * Added -q to sysctl (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - January 2, 2005
   * Fixed statusproc output. (DJ Lucas)

3.1.0 - December 31, 2004
   * fixed textoutput
   * Tagged as 3.1.0

n/a - December 30, 2004
   * Fixed name of LSB Functions file
   * Changed boot_mesg to act like echo instead of echo -n, boot_mesg now
     takes the -n argument if you do not wish to goto the next line

3.0.1 - December 25, 2004
   * Released as 3.0.1

n/a - December 20, 2004
   * Cleaned up header.
   * Added RaQ2 Patch

n/a - December 16, 2004
   * Fixed a text typo in udev, tmpfs instead of ramfs (Steve Crosby)

n/a - December 14, 2004
   * Fixed a warning with find in cleanfs

3.0 - December 8, 2004

n/a - December 5, 2004
   * Moved bootlog to use local2 service to avoide conflict with
     dhcpcd (DJ Lucas)

3.0-rc1 - December 1, 2004
   * rc-Interactive added (DJ Lucas)
   * rc-Interactive moved to contrib (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - November 27, 2004
   * Moved bootlog to use local1 to avoid conflict with ppd (DJ Lucas)

n/a - November 25, 2004
   * Added consolelog to contrib/sysconfig (DJ Lucas)
   * Rewrite of line wraping in boot_mesg and various fixes
     related to boot_mesg changes (DJ Lucas, Alexander Patrakov)
   * syslog-ng is now installed by default (Jeremy Utley)
   * hotplug is now installed by default (Jeremy Utley)
   * udev now uses /sbin/hotplug as the default hotplug handler
     (Nathan Coulson)
   * udev now mounts a tmpfs instead of a ramfs onto /dev,
     as suggested by Greg K-H (Nathan Coulson)
   * Created contrib/lsb, and added a LSB compliant functions file
     (Nathan Coulson, and Alexander Patrakov)
   * Modified find [requires find 4.2.3+] (Matthew Burgess)

n/a - November 20, 2004
   * Modifed modules script to return to previous kernel message
     level (DJ Lucas)

n/a - November 02, 2004
   * Added sysctl -p to mountkernfs (Matthew Burgess, DJ Lucas)

n/a - October 07, 2004
   * statusproc modified not to send data to bootlog (Nathan Coulson)
   * Fixed halt commands in checkfs and udev (James Robertson)

n/a - October 04, 2004
   * Fixes to commit on 2004/09/30 (James Robertson)
   * Revert a few changes until later (Nathan Coulson)
   * Added a warning about switching from a 8bit font
     to a 9bit font (Alexander Patrakov)

n/a - September 30, 2004
   * Finished off boot_mesg() (James Robertson)
   * Standardized all scripts to same variable format and other
     internal sh/bash function calls (James Robertson)
   * Fully implemented boot_mesg across all scripts in sysconfig
     and init.d (James Robertson)

n/a - September 26, 2004
   * Added BOOTMESG_PREFIX variable, so users can optionally set a
     prefix for boot messages (James Robertson)
   * Fixed localnet status, to use ip instead of ifconfig (Jim Gifford)
   * Added consolelog to contrib (DJ Lucas)
   * loadproc and killproc can have the -nomsg parameter to avoid
     calling evaluate_retval or print_status (Jim Gifford)
   * boot_mesg no longer explicitly adds a \n onto end of lines
   * Added a function called boot_mesg_flush, which can
     dump the BOOTMESG to the bootlog.  This helps avoid making
     everything have to end in OK/WARN/FAIL (Nathan Coulson)

n/a - September 24, 2004
   * Removed /dev/udev.tdb test

n/a - September 23, 2004
   * Fixed boot_log so it output's $@'s contents, not @$
   * Added support for colors in boot_mesg (James Robertson)
   * Modified udev's error checking
   * Modified hotplug's error checking
   * Converted checkfs's error handling to use boot_mesg with
     color support
   * Added $INFO color to functions (James Robertson)

n/a - September 22, 2004
   * Removed the dependency on wl by replacing it with grep (Bryan Kadzban)
   * Fixed getpids, to remove unused pids obtained from $PIDFILE
   * Removed ${NORMAL} from echo "$BOOTMESG" in functions, and removed
      space added to each additional sentence tacked onto BOOTMESG
   * boot_mesg now handles \n's properly, and does not dimish the size of
     the next line (James Robertson)
   * boot_log has been added.  The echo_ functions commit the log,
     and then clear the BOOTMSG variable
   * All scriptes have been converted to use boot_mesg

n/a - September 21, 2004
   * boot_mesg has been enhanced.  Subsequent calls will overwrite
     previous text, and it will wrap text basedupon the variable ${WCOL}. 
     (James Robertson)
   * Fixed mtu optional service typo (Kevin P Fleming)
   * Added SOURCE variable to ipv4-static-route (Kevin P Fleming)

n/a - September 16, 2004
   * nework interfaces are now brought down in reverse order

n/a - September 15, 2004
   * Added blue bracket, from dj's 3.0-pre1 bootscript package 
     [echo_failure, echo_warning, and echo_ok]
   * Added a new function called boot_mesg, meant to replace the echo
     This will give us the posibility of doing logging at a later date
   * Do not set COLUMNS if COLUMNS is already set
   * Modified getpids, loadproc, killproc, reloadproc, and statusproc as
     done by DJ

2.2.3 - September 04, 2004
   * Tagged as 2.2.3

n/a - September 04, 2004
   * Added new script to contrib for syslog-ng, which is now part of
     LFS-Unstable, and a new Makefile target install-syslog-ng which
     removes the sysklogd links, and replaces them with syslog-ng (JU)

2.2.2 - August 11, 2004
   * Tagged as 2.2.2

n/a - August 7, 2004
   * Added missing error redirect (/dev/null) in getpids. (DJ)

n/a - August 4, 2004
   * Added MODE, DIRMODE, and CONFMODE variables to the makefile 
     to allow permissions to be set at install. (DJ)

n/a - July 31, 2004
   * Moved PIDFILE check to getpids and removed arguments from
     killproc and reloadproc.  Signals are now set at begining of
     funtcions script with KILLDELAY. (DJ)
   * Added a optional service script which can set the MTU for a given

n/a - July 21, 2004

   * Committed DJ Lucas's patch for the killproc function.  It no 
     longer requires arguments if PIDFILE is set
   * added --backup to all sysconfig configuration files, so they are not
     replaced on a make install

n/a - July 13, 2004

   * Added the PEER variable to the ifconfig.*/* file, done by
     Kevin P. Fleming

2.2.1 - July 12, 2004

   * Tagged as 2.2.1

n/a - July 12, 2004

   * Hotplug was moved from rcsysinit.d to rc{1,2,3,4,5} to help bring
     up/down network interfaces started by hotplug.  This has been revoked
     at this time
   * Networking interfaces are now brought down in reverse order
   * Moved the ONBOOT check to within ifup/ifdown, so we can bring up/down
     the interfaces at boottime/shutdown properly, done by Kevin P. Fleming
   * Use PREFIX instead of NETMASK for adding addresses in ipv4-static,
     done by Kevin P. Fleming
   * Fix reversal of services inside ifconfig.* directories in ifdown,
     done by Kevin P. Fleming
   * Add ipv4-static-route service, supplied by Kevin P. Fleming

2.2.0 - July 12, 2004

   * Tagged as 2.2.0

n/a - July 11, 2004

   * Minor script output changes
   * Repaired networking scripts broken in previous commits

n/a - July 10, 2004

   * We now use the ip program [from iproute2] instead of ipconfig
     [net-tools] to bring up/down ethernet interfaces, and local
     connections, submitted by Jim Gifford
   * Removed gateway backward compatibility
   * Removed ifup-eth0 ifdown-eth0 compatibility
   * Removed the "assume SERVICE=static if SERVICE is unset" compatibility
   * Pass the IFCONFIG environmental variable to services, so they can
     locate the file with the parameters they must read
   * Rename static to ipv4-static
   * Stage1 for network configuration via directories, ifup and ifdown
     modified, and the static service modified
   * Stage2 for network configuration via directories complete, network was
     modified to check within subdirectories for ONBOOT=yes.  Final Stage

n/a - July 8, 2004

   * Changed iso01 to lat1 everywhere in /etc/sysconfig/console. This
     fixes the problem with line-drawing characters.

n/a - July 7, 2004

   * Halted the computer, if unable to mount /dev as a ramfs

n/a - July 6, 2004

   * Moved the hotplug bootscript back to contrib, it will not be used in
     the testing branch of the lfs book at this time

n/a - July 4, 2004

   * Modified ifup and ifdown to be hotplug aware

n/a - July 3, 2004

   * Change the check for ONBOOT into a source within a subshell

n/a - July 1, 2004

   * Moved hotplug start to runlevels 3-5 from sysinit

n/a - June 30, 2004

   * Pass -depth in cleanfs

n/a - June 29, 2004

   * Made the grep for ONBOOT in the network script more exact

2.1.2 - June 27, 2004

   * Install the automatic module loading script by default
   * Tagged as 2.1.2

n/a - June 26, 2004

   * Fixed font for UK in /etc/sysconfig/console

n/a - June 23, 2004

   * Fixed a typo in the hotplug installation procedure

n/a - June 21, 2004

   * Re-ordered the "mount" and "echo" commands in the udev script, to
     prevent a possible race
   * Converted the udev script to use udevsend/udevd
   * Moved removal of /fastboot and /forcefsck to just after the root fs
     becomes writable, and dropped the removal of /etc/nologin
   * Cleaned and tweaked both the output and actions of cleanfs
   * Removed the disabling of hotplug from sendsignals
   * Removed anything that might call "rmmod" in hotplug, since rmmod is
     notoriously troublesome in the 2.6.x kernels, and call it with the
     stop argument from runlevels 0 and 6
   * Fixed previous modifications to the udev and cleanfs scripts

n/a - June 20, 2004

   * Rolled back to the /dev/.udev.tdb check from 2.1.1, since the new
     one doesn't work as well, and the bug that caused it to change is
     now fixed

n/a - June 18, 2004

   * Updated sysconfig/console
   * Fixed disabling hotplug in sendsignals
   * hotplug is now installed by default

n/a - June 15, 2004

   * Reset /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug to /bin/true when running the "stop"
     command for hotplug
   * Cleaned the output of the mountkernfs script
   * Don't output "Creating files and directories" when it's a lie

n/a - June 8, 2004

   * Changed the location the optional module script is installed to

n/a - June 4, 2004

   * Added a echo to the > /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug line, as > did not
     clear it

n/a - June 3, 2004

   * Added '> /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug' to sendsignals, to disable hotplug
     events, which may start up new daemons
   * Added elementry bootup logging support.  If it can write to
     /var/log/boot.log, it will
   * Removed logging support, it kept / from being remounted ro

n/a - June 2, 2004

   * Reorganize what goes on in the udev script
   * Reorganize what goes on in the hotplug script
   * Moved setting /sbin/hotplug as the default hotplug manager into the
     hotplug script

n/a - June 1, 2004

   * Removed usbfs from mountkernfs, and mountfs
   * Edited the udev script, so it'll always set /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug

n/a - May 24, 2004

   * Added more example keymaps and font settings to /etc/sysconfig/console
   * Install the /etc/sysconfig/console file by default

n/a - May 23, 2004

   * Changed the symlink for the optional modules script
   * Removed depmod from the optional modules script

n/a - May 20, 2004

   * Removed the random script.  There is not a strong enough case for
     adding it to the lfs-bootscripts.

n/a - May 19, 2004

   * Added the random bootscript from blfs-bootscripts

2.1.1 - May 18, 2004

   * Fixed installation of modules configuration
   * Tagged as 2.1.1

n/a - May 16, 2004

   * Added sysklogd configuration file
   * Added example /etc/sysconfig/console file
   * Do not attempt to populate /dev if that directory has already been
     set up earlier in bootup (such as on initramfs/initrd)
   * Prevent excessive kernel output once klogd starts
   * Added hotplug script

n/a - May 15, 2004

   * Namespace rework (enumeration of scripts is now cleaner)
   * Removed directories: blfs, contrib/new-boot-0.2, contrib/rlv

n/a - May 13, 2004

   * Repaired the console script
   * Added a check to cleanfs [createfiles], to make sure that we have
     a valid devicetype, if we have type=dev

n/a - May 11, 2004

   * Added usbfs to mountkernfs and mountfs

n/a - May 6, 2004

   * Don't use loadproc in localnet, it's not meant for that
   * Quote tests of $PIDFILE, so that things behave when it's empty
   * Removed unused kill -0 from killproc

2.1.0 - May 4, 2004

   * Update to the console script, prevent install of the console script
   * Chgrp /var/run/utmp to group utmp if it exists.
   * Moved udev from contrib to lfs
   * Moved GATEWAY setup from /etc/rc.d/init.d/network to
   * Use the contents of $PIDFILE, if it is set in the script
   * Tagged as 2.1.0.

n/a - April 30, 2004

   * Moved the loadkeys script to console, and added setfont.  Contributed
     by Alexander E. Patrakov

2.0.5 - April 29, 2004

   * Added the heimdal init script.
   * Tagged as 2.0.5

2.0.4 - April 27, 2004

   * Tagged as 2.0.4

n/a - April 24, 2004

   * Added a example script for /etc/sysconfig/createfiles
   * Added a check for /sys before mounting sysfs
   * Added -t noramfs to umount on /etc/rc.d/init.d/mountfs.
     This will prevent /dev from being unmounted, if /proc/mounts
     is symlinked to /etc/mtab

n/a - April 18, 2004

   * Small fix to a if statement in netfs

n/a - April 17, 2004

   * Added the lisa bootscript, lisa is part of the KDE Network package
   * Add proper error checking to the mountfs script when writing out mtab
   * Add more comments to the udev script, and conditionalize various
     things that should've been done this way in the first place
   * Include a template module auto-loading configuration file instead of
     having syntax comments in the script itself

n/a - April 12, 2004

   * Added a automatic modules loading script to the contrib directory
     submitted by Zack
   * Edited mountkernfs, so that if you can mount sysfs on /sys, it will
     be mounted at boottime.  Should not affect 2.4 systems
   * Since all entries are added to /etc/mtab, we should not require
     the NO_FS variable.  It has been removed from mountfs
   * Added the udev script into the contrib directory, submitted by Zack

2.0.3 - April 8, 2004

   * Updated cleanfs, so it can create devices.  Supplied by Zack
   * Tagged as 2.0.3

n/a - March 31, 2004

   * Changed "Press Enter" on unknown error to white
   * Moved S10swap to S20swap.  When udev is added, it has to be
     ran before swap is setup

n/a - March 29, 2004

   * Fixed the rc5.d symlink for ntp so it creates S26ntp instead
     of S26npt
   * Moved S20mountkernfs to S00mountkernfs in rcsysinit.d.  Will help in
     the addition of udev in the future.

n/a - March 27, 2004

   * Changed gdm path from hardcoded to program name.  There are 2 spots
     gnome can be installed

n/a - March 26, 2004

   * Updated fam daemon script.  It now uses the famd daemon instead of fam

n/a - March 24, 2004

   * Removed mount command out of nfs.  the netfs script already handles

2.0.2 - March 24, 2004

   * Edited cleanfs to solve a problem.  [if /tmp does not exist, it
     could run the find command on the root filesystem]
   * Tagged as 2.0.2

2.0.1 - March 24, 2004

   * Found typo in BLFS MySQL Script.
   * Tagged as 2.0.1

2.0.0 - March 23, 2004

   * Tagged as 2.0.0, no changes from 2.0.0-pre2

2.0.0-pre2 - March 23, 2004

   * Cleaned the /tmp directory on bootup.  find command supplied by Zack
   * Added a script which can automatically create files and directories
     on startup.  [Handles files/directories, permissions, and user/group].
     Created by Zack
   * Added blfs/init.d/fam script
   * Tagged as 2.0.0-pre2

n/a - March 20, 2004

   * Added create-service-dir target and removed from create-dirs
   * Changed service script install targets to use
   * Added check for dhcpcd service script for stale pid file 
     Suggested by Jeremy
   * Added ifconfig to ipx service script for hosting device not up

n/a - March 19, 2004

   * Added support for ETCDIR, and DESTDIR in the Makefile,
     compliments of Tushar
   * Renamed mountproc to mountkernfs
   * Updated the README file
   * Coloured the print_error_message in functions red
   * added stop to the setclock script
   * changed echo > to > in cleanfs, suggested by winkie
   * BLFS Scripts Added,  collected by Zack
   * Edited killproc, so it checks for running pids, rather then
     the completion of the above kill command.  Suggested by Zack
   * Added network services found in blfs, removed adsl.  Submitted by

1.99.4 - March 17, 2004

   * Fixed one last halt line in checkfs script
   * Moved the directory structure around
   * Tagged as development release 1.99.4

n/a - February 28, 2004

   * Added stty sane to the top of rc.d/init.d/rc.  Hopefully, this will
     fix the problems
   * Also changed all instances of <ctrl-j> back to enter

1.99.3 - February 23, 2004

   * Tagged as development release 1.99.3

n/a - February 19, 2004

   * Fixed checkfs script, so it will no longer continue to boot after a
     failure in the init.d/checkfs script.  Tested with the help of Andre
     Müller.  Fix suggested by Zack

n/a - February 7, 2004

   * Added -s onto grep on network stop
   * Replaced a few more enter's with ctrl-j

1.99.2 - February 6, 2004

   * Added -s onto grep in network start
   * Tagged as development release 1.99.2

n/a - February 4, 2004

   * Fixed $WARNING $NORMAL and $ERROR lines, broken by changes in
   * Changed above fixes to work with ash
   * Fixed checkfs symlink in Makefile
   * functions is no longer installed as executable
   * Added a check to checkfs, for errors above 16.  These are caused by
     being unable to run fsck, either due to user input, or a unfunctional
     linux system

1.99.1 - February 2, 2004

   * Tagged as development release 1.99.1

n/a - February 2, 2004:

   * Added -d to umount in mountfs.
   * Fixed network shutdown script
   * Fixed Makefile rc.6 to reboot
   * Added -s flag to grep command in rc.d/init.d/network -
     suppresses an error if no ifconfig.* files exist

n/a - January 30, 2004:

   * Reorganized the network system to accept multiple services.
   * Ash Compliancy
   * Modified some scripts to follow template
   * Reorganized functions, based upon Ash Compliancy Patch
   * Added a sleep 5 to failure for evaulate_retval, and changed
     evaulate_retval to return true instead of false.  Instead, a
     exit 1 will indicate the script terminated abnormally, causing
     your system to wait until you hit ctrl-J
   * Switched "Press enter to continue" to "Press <ctrl-j> to continue"
   * replaced 3 with $KILLDELAY in sendsignals
   * mountfs does not mount network filesystems [identified by _netdev
     in /etc/fstab]
   * removed unneded touch out of cleanfs

n/a - January 30, 2004:

   * New maintainers for the lfs-bootscripts package are:
     Jeremy Utley (
     Nathan Coulson (

1.11 - February 3rd, 2003:

   * /etc/mtab is now a real file and is handled correctly so there are
   no errors even when the machine has crashed.

1.10 - September 12th, 2002:

   * Fixed up checkfs to work with non-ext2 filesystems too (such as

1.9 - April 5th, 2002:

   * reloadproc function had a missing '=' in the "failure 1" command (it
     should be failure=1)

   * When script exists with unexpected value, you have to hit "Enter" to
     continue, not just a random key as printed on the screen.

   * Moved K10sysklogd, K20sendsignals, K30mount and K40swap to
     K40sysklogd, K50sendsignals, K60mount, K70swap

   * Changed the #!/bin/sh lines to #!/bin/bash - /bin/sh may not be
     linked to bash but to some other shell of your choice. These scripts
     are written to work with bash, so you can't just run them when
     /bin/sh -> csh or ash or whatever else tickles your fancy. This
     change should fix that.

1.8 - March 14th, 2002:

   * Fixed the getpids function call so PPID's would be taken into account

   * Added the 'contrib' directory with other people's bootscript

1.7 - March 10th, 2002:

   * Used code from Matthias Benkmann's simpleinit-msb @ mainly for improved
     killproc function handling

   * When a requested process isn't running, or is already running, a
     warning "Not running" or "Already running" will be displayed. This
     was out of allignment due to a missing $CURS_UP

   * Removed "||exit" from ifup and ifdown scripts. They are useless.

   * Changed the loadkeys script to run "loadkeys -d" and removed the need
     for the /etc/sysconfig/keyboard file. The kbd patch fixes the
     "loadkeys -d" behaviour.

1.6 - February 26th, 2002:

   * replaced -o %PPID with -o $PPID throughout the functions script. This
     construct does what it's supposed to do (don't take PPID into account
     because this would fail if a running daemon and the bootscript have
     the same name).

   * added 'restart' to the swap script

   * instead of using 'echo -n' to supress newlines so the [ OK ] and
     related messages allign properly, substitute this with a single echo
     command that simply goes one line up before outputting anything. This
     also has the benefit that when programs have their own output (like
     swapon, fsck and loadkeys), there won't be an unwanted blank line
     between the program's output and the [ OK ] et all. messages.

1.5 - February 2nd, 2002:

   * added 'exit 1' to the statusproc function when there aren't enough
   parameters passed to it (such as the name of process to check for)

1.4 - February 2nd, 2002:

   * when /fastboot is detected and the message about it is printed,
     don't run 'exit 1' else the rc script will cause a [FAILED] to
     be printed which is undesired in this case.

1.3 - January 30th, 2002:
   * network script: changed default route detection by using the same
     method as used when starting the script: check if the GATEWAY
     variable is set

   * removed the emptying of /etc/mtab since it's a symlink to
     /proc/mounts now

   * added the mountproc script which mounts the proc system. This is done
     because we need proc mounted even before the mountfs script is ran
     (now that /etc/mtab is a symlink to /proc/mounts)

   * removed all absolute paths from command calls

   * added umask 022 and PATH="/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin" to the
     functions script. Every file now sources this so that umask and PATH
     are set correctly

1.2 - January 26th, 2002:
   * network script: detect if a default route is set before removing it