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  <title>What Now?</title>

  <para>Thank you for reading this CLFS book. We hope that you have
  found this book helpful and have learned more about the system
  creation process.</para>

  <para>Now that the CLFS system is installed, you may be wondering
  <quote>What next?</quote> To answer that question, we have compiled
  a list of resources for you.</para>



      <para>Bugs and security notices are reported regularly for all software.
      Since an CLFS system is compiled from source, it is up to you to keep
      abreast of such reports.  There are several online resources that track
      such reports, some of which are shown below:</para>


          <para> (<ulink url=""/>)</para>

          <para>Freshmeat can notify you (via email) of new versions of
          packages installed on your system.</para>

          <para><ulink url="">CERT</ulink> (Computer
          Emergency Response Team)</para>

          <para>CERT has a mailing list that publishes security alerts
          concerning various operating systems and applications.
          Subscription information is available at <ulink


          <para>Bugtraq is a full-disclosure computer security mailing list.
          It publishes newly discovered security issues, and occasionally
          potential fixes for them. Subscription information is available at
          <ulink url=""/>.</para>



      <para>Community Driven Beyond Linux From Scratch</para>

      <para>The Community Driven Beyond Linux From Scratch wiki covers installation
      procedures for a wide range of software beyond the scope of the CLFS
      Book. CBLFS is designed specifically to work with the CLFS book, and has all
      the necessary information to continue the builds in the same manner that CLFS
      uses. This is a community driven project, which means anyone can contribute and
      provide updates. The CBLFS project is located at <ulink url="&cblfs-root;"/>.</para>

      <para>LFS Hints</para>

      <para>The LFS Hints are a collection of educational documents
      submitted by volunteers in the LFS community. The hints are available
      at <ulink url="&hints-index;"/>.</para>

      <para>Mailing lists</para>

      <para>There are several LFS mailing lists you may subscribe to if you
      are in need of help, want to stay current with the latest developments,
      want to contribute to the project, and more. See <xref
     linkend="ch-intro-maillists"/> for more

      <para>The Linux Documentation Project</para>

      <para>The goal of The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) is to
      collaborate on all of the issues of Linux documentation. The TLDP features
      a large collection of HOWTOs, guides, and man pages.  It is located at
      <ulink url=""/>.</para>