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  <title>Mounting the New Partition</title>

  <para>Now that a file system has been created, the partition needs to
  be made accessible. In order to do this, the partition needs to be
  mounted at a chosen mount point. For the purposes of this book, it is
  assumed that the file system is mounted under <filename
 class="directory">/mnt/clfs</filename>, but the directory choice is up
  to you.</para>

  <para>Choose a mount point and assign it to the <envar>CLFS</envar>
  environment variable by running:</para>

<screen><userinput>export CLFS=/mnt/clfs</userinput></screen>

  <para>Next, create the mount point and mount the CLFS file system by

<screen><userinput>mkdir -pv ${CLFS}
mount -v /dev/<replaceable>[xxx]</replaceable> ${CLFS}</userinput></screen>

  <para>Replace <replaceable>[xxx]</replaceable> with the designation of
  the CLFS partition.</para>

  <para>If using multiple partitions for CLFS (e.g., one for <filename
 class="directory">/</filename> and another for <filename
 class="directory">/usr</filename>), mount them using:</para>

<screen><userinput>mkdir -pv ${CLFS}
mount -v /dev/<replaceable>[xxx]</replaceable> ${CLFS}
mkdir -v ${CLFS}/usr
mount -v /dev/<replaceable>[yyy]</replaceable> ${CLFS}/usr</userinput></screen>

  <para>Replace <replaceable>[xxx]</replaceable> and
  <replaceable>[yyy]</replaceable> with the appropriate partition

  <para>Ensure that this new partition is not mounted with permissions
  that are too restrictive (such as the nosuid, nodev, or noatime options).
  Run the <command>mount</command> command without any parameters to see
  what options are set for the mounted CLFS partition. If
  <option>nosuid</option>, <option>nodev</option>, and/or
  <option>noatime</option> are set, the partition will need to be

  <para>Now that there is an established place to work, it is time to
  download the packages.</para>