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  <title>Customizing the /etc/hosts File</title>

  <indexterm zone="ch-network-hosts">
    <primary sortas="e-/etc/hosts">/etc/hosts</primary>

  <indexterm zone="ch-network-hosts">
    <primary sortas="d-localnet">localnet</primary>

  <indexterm zone="ch-network-hosts">
    <primary sortas="d-network">network</primary>

  <para>If a network card is to be configured, decide on the IP address,
  FQDN, and possible aliases for use in the
  <filename>/etc/hosts</filename> file. The syntax is:</para>

  <screen>&lt;IP address&gt; aliases</screen>

  <para>Unless the computer is to be visible to the Internet (i.e.,
  there is a registered domain and a valid block of assigned IP
  addresses&mdash;most users do not have this), make sure that the IP
  address is in the private network IP address range. Valid ranges

<screen><literal>  Class Networks
  B through
  C through</literal></screen>

  <para>A valid IP address could be A valid FQDN for this
  IP could be <uri></uri> (not recommended
  because this is a valid registered domain address and could cause
  domain name server issues).</para>

  <para>Even if not using a network card, an FQDN is still required.
  This is necessary for certain programs to operate correctly.</para>

  <para>Create the  <filename>/etc/hosts</filename> file by running:</para>

<screen><userinput>cat &gt; ${CLFS}/etc/hosts &lt;&lt; "EOF"
<literal># Begin /etc/hosts (network card version) localhost
<replaceable>[]</replaceable> <replaceable>[&lt;HOSTNAME&gt;]</replaceable> <replaceable>[HOSTNAME]</replaceable>

# End /etc/hosts (network card version)</literal>

  <para>The <replaceable>[]</replaceable> and
  values need to be changed for specific users or requirements (if
  assigned an IP address by a network/system administrator and the
  machine will be connected to an existing network).</para>

  <para>If a network card is not going to be configured, create the
  <filename>/etc/hosts</filename> file by running:</para>

<screen><userinput>cat &gt; ${CLFS}/etc/hosts &lt;&lt; "EOF"
<literal># Begin /etc/hosts (no network card version) <replaceable>[&lt;HOSTNAME&gt;]</replaceable> <replaceable>[HOSTNAME]</replaceable> localhost

# End /etc/hosts (no network card version)</literal>