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  <title>Configuring the localnet Script</title>

  <indexterm zone="ch-network-hostname">
    <primary sortas="d-localnet">localnet</primary>

  <para>Part of the job of the <command>localnet</command> script is
  setting the system's hostname. This needs to be configured in the
  <filename>/etc/sysconfig/network</filename> file.</para>

  <para>Create the <filename>/etc/sysconfig/network</filename> file
  and enter a hostname by running:</para>

<screen><userinput>cat &gt; ${CLFS}/etc/sysconfig/network &lt;&lt; EOF

  <para><replaceable>[clfs]</replaceable> needs to be replaced with the
  name given to the computer. Do not enter the Fully Qualified
  Domain Name (FQDN) here. That information will be put in the
  <filename>/etc/hosts</filename> file in the next section.</para>