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  <para os="a">If the intended user is not a programmer and does not plan to do
  any debugging on the system software, the system size can be decreased
  by about 200 MB by removing the debugging symbols from binaries and
  libraries. This causes no inconvenience other than not being able to
  debug the software fully anymore.</para>

  <para os="b">Most people who use the command mentioned below do not
  experience any difficulties. However, it is easy to make a typo and
  render the new system unusable, so before running the
  <command>strip</command> command, it is a good idea to make a
  backup of the current situation.</para>

<screen os="c"><userinput>find ${CLFS}/{,usr/}{bin,lib,sbin} -type f \
   -exec ${CLFS_TARGET}-strip --strip-debug '{}' ';'</userinput></screen>

    <para os="i">A large number of files will be reported as having their file
    format not recognized. These warnings can be safely ignored. These
    warnings indicate that those files are scripts instead of

    <para os="j">If disk space is very tight, the <option>--strip-all</option>
    option can be used on the binaries in <filename
   class="directory">/{,usr/}{bin,sbin}</filename> to gain several more
    megabytes. Do not use this option on libraries&mdash;they will be