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<sect1 id="ch-system-man-pages" role="wrap">
  <?dbhtml filename="man-pages.html"?>


  <indexterm zone="ch-system-man-pages">
    <primary sortas="a-Man-pages">Man-pages</primary>

  <sect2 role="package">

    <para>The Man-pages package contains over 1,200 man pages.</para>



  <sect2 role="installation">
    <title>Installation of Man-pages</title>

    <para os="a">Install Man-pages by running:</para>

<screen os="b"><userinput>make prefix=${CLFS}/usr install</userinput></screen>


  <sect2 id="contents-manpages" role="content">
    <title>Contents of Man-pages</title>

      <segtitle>Installed files</segtitle>

        <seg>various man pages</seg>

      <bridgehead renderas="sect3">Short Descriptions</bridgehead>
      <?dbfo list-presentation="list"?>
      <?dbhtml list-presentation="table"?>

      <varlistentry id="man-pages">
        <term><filename>man pages</filename></term>
          <para>This package contains man pages that describe the following:
          POSIX headers (section 0p),
          POSIX utilities (section 1p), POSIX functions (section 3p),
          user commands (section 1), system calls (section 2),
          libc calls (section 3), device information (section 4),
          file formats (section 5), games (section 6),
          conventions and macro packages (section 7),
          system administration (section 8), and
          kernel (section 9).</para>
          <indexterm zone="ch-system-man-pages man-pages">
            <primary sortas="e-man-pages">man pages</primary>