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<sect1 id="ch-cross-tools-shadow">
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  <title>Shadow-&shadow-version; - Native</title>

  <indexterm zone="ch-cross-tools-shadow">
    <primary sortas="a-Shadow">Shadow</primary>
    <secondary>cross tools</secondary>

  <sect2 role="installation">
    <title>Installation of Shadow</title>

    <para>The following patch changes the hard-coded <filename>/etc</filename>
    in the sources to whatever was passed to configure. It also allows the
    utilities to run as a user other then root:</para>

<screen><userinput>patch -Np1 -i ../&shadow-sysroot_hacks-patch;</userinput></screen>

    <para>The following value is added to <filename>config.cache</filename> to
    make sure that the <filename>passwd</filename> program is found:</para>

<screen><userinput>cat &gt; config.cache &lt;&lt; EOF

    <para>The following value causes Shadow to use its internal lckpwdf
    instead of the one provided by EGLIBC. The one provided by EGLIBC will
    attempt to modify the host system:</para>

<screen><userinput>cat &gt;&gt; config.cache &lt;&lt; EOF

    <para>Prepare Shadow for compilation:</para>

<screen><userinput>./configure --prefix=${CLFS}/cross-tools --sbindir=${CLFS}/cross-tools/bin \
    --sysconfdir=$CLFS/etc --disable-shared --without-libpam \
    --without-audit --without-selinux --program-prefix=${CLFS_TARGET}- \
    --without-nscd --cache-file=config.cache</userinput></screen>

    <para>Add the proper prefix to the <filename>passwd</filename> program:</para>

<screen><userinput>cp config.h{,.orig}
sed "/PASSWD_PROGRAM/s/passwd/${CLFS_TARGET}-&amp;/" config.h.orig &gt; config.h</userinput></screen>

    <para>Compile the package:</para>


    <para>Install the package:</para>

<screen><userinput>make install</userinput></screen>

      <para>The tools built on this page will be used later in this book.</para>


  <sect2 role="content">

    <para>Details on this package are located in <xref
   linkend="contents-shadow" role="."/></para>