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# Copyright (C) YEAR Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
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"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-12-04 04:06+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-12-14 19:48+0000\n"
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#. type: Content of: <sect1><sect1info>
#: blfs-en/introduction/important/systemd-units.xml:12
msgid ""
"<othername>$LastChangedBy: renodr $</othername> <date>$Date: 2016-08-15 "
"03:09:16 +0200 (Mon, 15 Aug 2016) $</date>"
msgstr ""
"<othername>$LastChangedBy: renodr $</othername> <date>$Date: 2016-08-15 "
"03:09:16 +0200 (Mon, 15 Aug 2016) $</date>"

#. type: Content of: <sect1><indexterm><primary>
#: blfs-en/introduction/important/systemd-units.xml:16
#: blfs-en/introduction/important/systemd-units.xml:19
msgid "BLFS Systemd Units"
msgstr "Unités Systemd de BLFS"

#. type: Content of: <sect1><indexterm><primary>
#: blfs-en/introduction/important/systemd-units.xml:23
msgid "General Information"
msgstr "Informations Générales"

#. type: Content of: <sect1><para>
#: blfs-en/introduction/important/systemd-units.xml:27
msgid ""
"The BLFS Systemd Units package contains the systemd unit files that are used"
" throughout the book."
msgstr ""
"Le paquet d'Unitiés Systemd de BLFS contient les fichiers d'unitié de "
"systemd qui sont utilisé tout le long du livre."

#. type: Content of: <sect1><itemizedlist><title>
#: blfs-en/introduction/important/systemd-units.xml:32
msgid "Package Information"
msgstr "Informations sur le paquet"

#. type: Content of: <sect1><itemizedlist><listitem><para>
#: blfs-en/introduction/important/systemd-units.xml:35
msgid ""
"Download: <ulink url=\"&downloads-root;/blfs-systemd-units-&systemd-units-"
msgstr ""
"Téléchargement&nbsp;: <ulink url=\"&downloads-root;/blfs-systemd-units"

#. type: Content of: <sect1><para>
#. « des » et « Unité » ne semblent pas bien accordés en nombre.
#: blfs-en/introduction/important/systemd-units.xml:41
msgid ""
"The BLFS Systemd Units package will be used throughout the BLFS book for "
"systemd unit files. Each systemd unit has a separate install target.  It is "
"recommended that you keep the package source directory around until "
"completion of your BLFS system. When a systemd unit is requested from BLFS "
"Systemd Units, simply change to the directory, and as the <systemitem "
"class=\"username\">root</systemitem> user, execute the given <command>make "
"install-<replaceable>&lt;systemd-unit&gt;</replaceable></command> command. "
"This command installs the systemd unit to its proper location (along with "
"any auxiliary configuration scripts) and also enables it by default."
msgstr ""
"Le paquet des Unités Systemd de BLFS sera utilisé tout au long du livre BLFS"
" pour les fichiers unités de systemd. Chaque unité systemd a une cible "
"d'installation séparée. Il est recommandé que vous gardiez le répertoire des"
" sources du paquet sous le coude durant la finalisation de votre système "
"BLFS. Lorsqu'une unité est demandée depuis les Unités Systemd de BLFS, "
"changez simplement de répertoire, et en tant qu'utilisateur <systemitem "
"class=\"username\">root</systemitem>, exécutez la commande <command>make "
"install-<replaceable>&lt;systemd-unit&gt;</replaceable></command> demandée. "
"Cette commande installe l'unité systemd au bon endroit (avec des scripts de "
"configuration secondaires) et l'active par défaut."

#. type: Content of: <sect1><note><para>
#: blfs-en/introduction/important/systemd-units.xml:55
msgid ""
"It is advisable to peruse each systemd unit before installation to determine"
" whether the installed files meet your needs."
msgstr ""
"Il est recommandé de revoir chaque unité systemd avant l'installation pour "
"déterminer si les fichiers installés correspondent à vos besoins."