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<title>Command explanations</title>

<para><userinput>--with-shared:</userinput> This enables the build of the
shared ncurses library files.</para>

<para><userinput>--disable-termcap:</userinput> Disabled the compilation of
termcap fall back support.</para>

<para><userinput>cd /lib &amp;&amp; mv *.a /usr/lib :</userinput> This
moves all of the static ncurses library files from /lib to /usr/lib.
/lib should only contain the shared files which are essential to the
system when /usr may not be mounted.</para>

<para><userinput>chmod 755 *.5.2:</userinput> Shared libraries should be
executable.  Ncurses install routine doesn't set the permissions
properly so we do it manually instead.</para>

<para><userinput>ln -sf libncurses.a libcurses.a:</userinput> Some
programs try to link using -lcurses instead of -lncurses.  This symlink
ensures that such programs will link without errors.</para>

<para><userinput>ln -sf ../../lib/ etc:</userinput> These
symlinks are created so the linker will use the dynamic versions of these
libraries instead of the static ones, which happens if the linker can't
find the dynamic versions.</para>