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<title>Installation of Binutils</title>

<para>This package is known to behave badly when you have changed its default
optimization flags (including the -march and -mcpu options). Binutils is
best left alone, so we recommend you unsetting CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and other
such variables/settings that would change the default optimization that
it comes with.</para>

<para>Install Binutils by running the following commands:</para>

<para><screen><userinput>mkdir ../binutils-build &amp;&amp;
cd ../binutils-build &amp;&amp;
../binutils-&binutils-version;/configure --prefix=$LFS/usr --disable-nls &amp;&amp;
make LDFLAGS=-all-static tooldir=$LFS/usr &amp;&amp;
make tooldir=$LFS/usr install</userinput></screen></para>