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# Core kernel devices
# This causes the system clock to be set as soon as /dev/rtc becomes available.
SUBSYSTEM=="rtc", MODE="0644", ACTION=="add", RUN+="/etc/rc.d/init.d/setclock start"
SUBSYSTEM=="rtc", ACTION=="add", MODE="0644", RUN+="/etc/rc.d/init.d/setclock start"
KERNEL=="rtc", ACTION=="add", MODE="0644", RUN+="/etc/rc.d/init.d/setclock start"
# Comms devices
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2009-09-25 Bryan Kadzban <>
* 55-lfs.rules: Make the RTC rule (which runs setclock) work for people
that don't use the RTC-class driver -- add another copy of the rule,
using KERNEL=="rtc" instead of SUBSYSTEM=="rtc". Also move the ACTION
match before the assignment to MODE.
2009-05-23 Bruce Dubbs <>
* 55-lfs.rules: Set the rtc by udev upon boot. Removed aio device from
udev configuration so defaults are used.
2009-05-16 Bryan Kadzban <>
* 55-lfs.rules: Adopt udev permissions for random, urandom, kmsg, and
input devices (including psaux, which probably doesn't exist anymore
2009-05-16 Matt Burgess <>
* 55-lfs.rules: Remove the block rule as it was only setting
permissions that Udev will set by default