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2,14 → 2,9
# Core kernel devices
# override both of these
KERNEL=="random", MODE="0444"
KERNEL=="urandom", MODE="0444"
# This causes the system clock to be set as soon as /dev/rtc becomes available.
SUBSYSTEM=="rtc", MODE="0644", ACTION=="add", RUN+="/etc/rc.d/init.d/setclock start"
KERNEL=="aio", MODE="0444"
KERNEL=="kmsg", MODE="0600"
KERNEL=="rtc", MODE="0666"
# Comms devices
KERNEL=="ippp[0-9]*", GROUP="dialout"
44,14 → 39,8
# Input devices
# override MODE on these four
KERNEL=="mice", MODE="0644", SYMLINK+="mouse"
KERNEL=="mouse*", MODE="0644"
KERNEL=="event*", MODE="0644"
KERNEL=="ts*", MODE="0644"
KERNEL=="mice", SYMLINK+="mouse"
KERNEL=="psaux", MODE="0644"
# DRI devices are managed by the X server, so prevent udev from creating them
KERNEL=="card*", OPTIONS+="ignore_device"