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# Comms devices
KERNEL=="rfcomm[0-9]*", GROUP="dialout"
KERNEL=="ippp[0-9]*", GROUP="dialout"
KERNEL=="isdn[0-9]*", GROUP="dialout"
KERNEL=="isdnctrl[0-9]*", GROUP="dialout"
63,25 → 62,11
# Storage/memory devices
# override: make group-writable
SUBSYSTEM=="block", MODE="0660"
# dmsetup and lvm2 related programs create devicemapper devices so we prevent
# udev from creating them
KERNEL=="dm-*", OPTIONS+="ignore_device"
# Tape devices
# override all these
KERNEL=="ht[0-9]*", GROUP="tape"
KERNEL=="nht[0-9]*", GROUP="tape"
KERNEL=="pt[0-9]*", GROUP="tape"
KERNEL=="npt[0-9]*", GROUP="tape"
KERNEL=="st[0-9]*", GROUP="tape"
KERNEL=="nst[0-9]*", GROUP="tape"
# Override floppy devices
KERNEL=="fd[0-9]", ACTION=="add|change", ATTRS{cmos}=="?*", \
RUN+="create_floppy_devices -c -t $attr{cmos} -m %M -M 0660 -G floppy $root/%k"
1,3 → 1,11
2009-05-16 Matt Burgess <>
* 55-lfs.rules: Remove the block rule as it was only setting
permissions that Udev will set by default
* 55-lfs.rules: Remove the rfcomm rule as the group it sets is already
included in upstream's rule
* 55-lfs-rules: Remove the tape rules as the group they sets is already
included in upstream's rules
2009-03-15 Bryan Kadzban <>
* 55-lfs.rules: Remove the ISDN-handling rules (replaced with upstream's
version, which has a better match via SUBSYSTEM).