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# /etc/udev/rules.d/61-cdrom.rules: Set CD-ROM permissions.
ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="block", ENV{ID_TYPE}=="cd", GROUP="cdrom"
ACTION=="add|change", SUBSYSTEM=="block", ENV{ID_TYPE}=="cd", GROUP="cdrom"
54,16 → 54,7
KERNEL=="ts*", MODE="0644"
KERNEL=="psaux", MODE="0644"
KERNEL=="js", MODE="0644"
KERNEL=="djs", MODE="0644"
# USB devices go in their own subdirectory
KERNEL=="hiddev*", NAME="usb/%k"
KERNEL=="legousbtower*", NAME="usb/%k"
KERNEL=="dabusb*", NAME="usb/%k"
SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", KERNEL=="lp[0-9]*", NAME="usb/%k"
# DRI devices are managed by the X server, so prevent udev from creating them
KERNEL=="card*", OPTIONS+="ignore_device"
71,15 → 62,7
# Video devices
KERNEL=="fb[0-9]*", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="video[0-9]*", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="radio[0-9]*", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="vbi[0-9]*", GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="vtx[0-9]*", GROUP="video"
# DVB devices
SUBSYSTEM=="dvb", GROUP="video"
# Storage/memory devices
# override: make group-writable
101,5 → 84,4
KERNEL=="nst[0-9]*", GROUP="tape"
# Override floppy devices
KERNEL=="fd[0-9]", GROUP="floppy"
KERNEL=="fd[0-9]", ACTION=="add", ATTRS{cmos}=="?*", RUN+="create_floppy_devices -c -t $attr{cmos} -m %M -M 0660 -G floppy $root/%k"
KERNEL=="fd[0-9]", ACTION=="add|change", ATTRS{cmos}=="?*", RUN+="create_floppy_devices -c -t $attr{cmos} -m %M -M 0660 -G floppy $root/%k"
1,3 → 1,10
2008-12-07 Bryan Kadzban <>
* 55-lfs.rules: Remove several rules that are either provided by upstream,
or that don't have any effect (there is no /dev/js or /dev/djs according
to devices.txt).
* 55-lfs.rules, 61-cdrom.rules: Replace ACTION=="add" with "add|change"
everywhere, per upstream's general request.
2008-11-11 Bryan Kadzban <>
* 55-lfs.rules, 61-cdrom.rules: Fix comments to use the right rule
numbers. Thanks to Trent Shea for the fix. Closes #2278.