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# obfuscate email addresses in XML/HTML
# Script written (and slight perl modification) by Archaic <archaic AT linuxfromscratch D0T org>
# Modified from "sed -i" to old style "sed -e" by Manuel Canales <manuel AT linuxfromscratch D0T org>
# to prevent hangs on very long files, like nonckunked books.
# Original Perl expression by Anderson Lizardo <lizardo AT linuxfromscratch D0T org>
# Released under the GNU General Public License
25,11 → 27,13
# Nothing like a backup plan!
#cp "$1" "$1".bak
for i in `grep -o '"mailto:.*@.*"' "$1" |sed -e 's|^"mailto:||' -e 's|"$||'`; do
for i in `grep -o '"mailto:.*@.*"' ${1} |sed -e 's|^"mailto:||' -e 's|"$||'`; do
link=`echo $i | perl -pe 's/[^\n]/"\\\&#".ord($&)."\;"/ge'`
plaintext=`echo $i | sed -e 's|@| AT |' -e 's|\.| D0T |g'`
sed -i "s|mailto:$i|mailto:$link|" "$1"
sed -i "s|$i|$plaintext|" "$1"
cp ${1}{,.tmp}
sed -e "s|mailto:$i|mailto:$link|" \
-e "s|$i|$plaintext|" ${1}.tmp > ${1}
rm ${1}.tmp
#rm $FILE.tmp
#exit 0