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<para>Enable the following options in the kernel configuration
and recompile the kernel if necessary:</para>
<literal>Master section:
Required Option: M or Y
Incompatible option: N</literal>
<literal>Master section ---&gt;
Subsection ---&gt;
[*] Required parameter [CONFIG_REQU_PAR]
&lt;*&gt; Required parameter (not as module) [CONFIG_REQU_PAR_NMOD]
&lt;*/M&gt; Required parameter (could be a module) [CONFIG_REQU_PAR_MOD]
&lt;*/M/ &gt; Optional parameter [CONFIG_OPT_PAR]
[ ] Incompatible parameter [CONFIG_INCOMP_PAR]
&lt; &gt; Incompatible parameter (even as module) [CONFIG_INCOMP_PAR_MOD]</literal>
<para>Select the appropriate sub-options that appear when the above options
are selected.</para>