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45,7 → 45,7
# If this tag doesn't exist, it means the version is not released yet. Try to
# list files in this tag. If it succeeds, it exists, if it fails it doesn't
# exist. From that, choose what tag to follow: $(MILESTONE) or trunk.
TAG := $(shell (svn ls svn://$(MILESTONE) --depth empty >/dev/null 2>&1 && $(MILESTONE)) || echo trunk)
TAG := $(shell (svn ls svn://$(MILESTONE) --depth empty >/dev/null 2>&1 && printf $(MILESTONE)) || printf trunk)
# Depending on what we track, we choose the correct branch from upstream.
ifeq ($(TAG), trunk)
216,6 → 216,7
gentar: $(TARDEPS)
update: $(PO)
printf 'Done updating for $(TAG) \n'
pootle sync_stores --project=blfs